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Contacting Us

Contact Details for the DFN Band Office, Phone Number & General Postal Address.

Finance - Timesheet Form

Timesheet form for finance and payroll.

Finance - Check Requisitions

Check Requisition form for finance and payroll.

Finance - Work Order

Work Order form for finance and payroll.

Finance - Authorized Overtime

Authorized Overtime form for finance and payroll.

Kingcome Inlet - Region

Kingcome Inlet is located 80 miles north of Campbell River and is home to the dzawadaenuxw first nations. The remote village is accessible by private boat, water taxi, scheduled working freight service, and scheduled and charter floatplane.

Kingcome Inlet - People

The Four Tribes, including the Dzawadaenuxw First Nation, are members of the KwakwakAwakw group of nations. The Kwakwakawakw people occupy the lower central region of the Pacific Northwest Coast.

DFN Merchandise

View our range branded items for sale/order: clothing, mugs, cultural & water bottles


Information on housing updates, committee membership request & applying for free logs from Interflor for cultural puropses


view our council members profiles and latest meeting letters

Health and Social Services

Health Center Information/hours and Staff contact details.

Lilawagila school

Information and news about Lilawagila School. Staff contact & Little Wolf Pre-School.

PSEP - Policies

Information on Boarding Home Program - Post-Secondary Education Program

PSEP - Example Letter

Example of a letter from a Post Secondary, University or Collage

Tsawataineuk First Nation Education Post-Secondary Policies

This Post-Secondary Education Policy is a guide to assist staff that administer the program and provide administrative and financial support to students who are participants in the Post-Secondary Program.

PSEP - Student Agreement Form

Student Agreement form for Post Secondary Education Program

PSEP - Incentives & Scholarship Application

Incentive Award Application

PSEP - Incentives Policy

Information on student Scholarship and incentives provided by Dzawada'enuxw First Nation.

PSEP - Application Checklist

Funding Application Checklist

PSEP - Continued Funding Application

PSEP - Application Form

Housing - Newsletter

Home Maintenance Recommendations, DFN Interim Rental Housing Allocation Policy, DFN Intrim Housing Application.

Housing - Section 95 Housing Letter

Committee Membership

Lands, Marine & Resources Working Committee, Elections Regulations Review Committee.

Council Election Code

The purpose of the Dzawada'enuxw First Nation customer Election Code is to ensure that all eligible voters have an equal opportunity to participate in the election of Dzwada'enuxw Council and Council Chair, and that elections are conducted in a fair and orderly manner.


Payroll and Administration staff contact details. Forms, Audit & Briefing statements.

Dzawadaenuxw First Nation Emergency Management Program

Our primary function is providing for the safety and well being of the community of Gwayi village. We are tasked to review and update the Emergency Response & Recovery Plans, meet bi-weekly, take Emergency Management & Preparedness Training.

Emergency Preparedness Information Links

Multi-agency hazard plans for B.C. are prepared and updated regularly by Emergency Management BC to ensure an effective strategy is in place to address many possible types of emergencies and disasters.

First Nations Emergency Service Society

FNESS evolved from the Society of Native Indian Fire Fighters of BC (SNIFF), which was established in 1986. SNIFF's initial objectives were to help reduce the number of fire-related deaths on First Nation reserves, but changed its emphasis to incorporate a greater spectrum of emergency services. In 1994, SNIFF changed its name to First Nations' Emergency Services Society of BC to reflect its growing diversity of services provided.

Emergency Info BC - Current Alerts

Emergency Info BC is the Government of British Columbia's official channel for natural disaster alerts and preparedness information.

Employment Opportunities

Information on current employment and training opportunities.

Land and Marine Resources

Contact information for Forestry & Referrals Officer & GIS Technician

Media gallery

Photo gallery with images & videos relating to Kingcome Inlet and the people of the region

Members area

Login to our Members only area. You must be a Musgamakw Dzawadaenuxw member to be eligible for an account to access our Members area and its content. You can submit your request for an account with our Signup form.

Weather forecast for Kingcome Inlet B.C

The Weather Network, providing 24hrs - 14 day weather forecasts for Kingcome. View weather forecast maps with radar & Satellite Images.

Marine weather conditions for Queen Charlotte Strait

Weather forecast for Pacific South Coast.

Kingcome Inlet Tidal Predictions

7 day local tidal predictions for provided by Fisheries and Oceans Canada

River Gauge

Rom Communications

Weather Cam

This webcam is located in beautiful Kingcome Inlet British Columbia. Kingcome Inlet is located 80 miles north of Campbell River and is home to the dzawada'enuxw first nations. This webcam is sponsored by the residents of Kingcome inlet.

Emergency Info BC - Get Prepared

Disasters can strike any time, anywhere, so planning is key. Depending on the incident, you and your family could be on your own for several days while emergency responders manage the aftermath.
Floods | Earthquakes | Landslides

Percy Lagis

Council - Councillor | Email: percyl@kingcome.ca

Alex Nelson

Council - Off Reserve Councillor | Email: alexnelson@kingcome.ca

Willie Moon

Emergency Management - Program Coordinator | Phone Work: (250) 974-5543 / Phone Home: (250) 974-2000 | Email: dfn.emp@kingcome.ca
Health & Social Services - Community Support Worker | Email: williemoon@kingcome.ca

Bobbi Smith

Emergency Management - Administrator / E.O.C Director | Phone Work: (250) 974-3013 / Phone Home: (250) 974-2549
DFN - Band Administrator | Email: bsmith@kingcome.ca

Tracy Willie

Emergency Management - E.O.C Logistics Section Chief | Phone: (250) 974-3013
DFN - Office Manager | Email: tracyw@kingcome.ca

Melissa Willie

Land and Marine Resources - Forestry / Referrals Officer | Email: milliew@kingcome.ca

Dusty Dawson

Land and Marine Resources - GIS Technician | Email: dustyd@kingcome.ca

Elizabeth Taylor

Health & Social Services - Community Health Worker | Email: ehtaylor@kingcome.ca

Sabina Acheson

Health & Social Services - Nurse | nurses@kingcome.ca

Leanne Moon

E.O.C Deputy Finance Section Chief
Finance - Accounts Receivable & Payroll Clerk | Email: leannemoon@kingcome.ca

Amy Sam

Health & Social Services - Office Assistant | Email: amysam@kingcome.ca

Charlene Dawson

E.O.C Deputy Operations Section Chief
Health & Social Services - Health & Social Development Director | Email: cmdawson@kingcome.ca

Pam Dawson

E.O.C Finance Section Chief
Finance - Finance Administrator | Email: pamdawson@kingcome.ca

Emily Webber

Finance - Accounts Payable Clerk | Email: emilywebber@kingcome.ca

Trevor Dawson

DFN - Hydro O&M | Email: trevord@kingcome.ca

Lucielle Puglas

DFN - Housing Administrative Assistant | Email: dfn.housing.admin@kingcome.ca

Robin Dawson

DFN - Capital Projects Manager | Email: robindawson@kingcome.ca

Peter Coon

E.O.C Operations Section Chief
DFN - Village O&M | Email: petercoon@kingcome.ca

Helen Willie

Lilawagila School - Culture Co-Ordinator | Email: helenwillie@kingcome.ca

Emily Willie

Lilawagila School - Administrator | Email: emwillie@kingcome.ca

Lulu Webber

Lilawagila School - Receptionist | Email: luluwebber@kingcome.ca

Winnie Tsai

Lilawagila School - Primary Teacher | Email: primary@kingcome.ca

Paul Gagne

Lilawagila School - Intermediate Teacher | Email: intermediate@kingcome.ca

Zachary Taylor

Lilawagila School - Teacher's Aide | Email: zacharyt@kingcome.ca

Lindsey Willie

Lilawagila School - Teacher's Aide | Email: lindseyw@kingcome.ca

Deata Dawson

Little Wolf Pre-School - Manager | Email: littlewolf@kingcome.ca

Ashton Souch

Little Wolf Pre-Shool - Assistant | Email: ashtonsouch@kingcome.ca

Kenneth Puglas

Lilawagila School - Operations & Maintenance

Damian Willie

Lilawagila School - Custodian

Terrance Willie

Emergency Management - Councillor / Community Spokesperson | Phone Home: (250) 974-3011
Council - Council Chair | Email: tjosephw@kingcome.ca

Farron Soukochoff

Council - Councillor
Health & Social Services - Income Assistance Manager | Email: farronsoukochoff@kingcome.ca

Siobhan Downes

Website Administrator | Email: Contact Administrator

Local Artists

Information on local artists in Kingcome.

Nabidu Willie

Job Description | Email: nabiduwillie@kingcome.ca

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