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** Newsletter: March 20th 2015 **

Musgamagw Dzawada’enuxw Tribal Council
Musgamagw Fisheries Group Ltd.
Board Member's Required

Tsilgot'in v. British Columbia Summary June 27th 2014

Letter From the Council
Dzawada̱ʼenux̱w First Nations Housing Letter

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If you are in need of a log for a culturally related purpose such as:
* Building a smokehouse
* Carving a canoe
* Carving

Please write a letter to Interfor to make a request:

Interfor – Coast Woodlands Division
1250 A Ironwood St.
Campbell River,
B.C. V9W 6H5
Tel: 250 286 1881 Fax: 250 286 3412