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    Amy Sam

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    Sabina Acheson

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    Willie Moon

We are proud to be a part of the Sasamans Society

Farron Soukochoff

I come from the Dzawadaenuxw First Nation of Kingcome Inlet. I have spent most of my life in Kingcome, besides boarding out of the community for schooling purposes.
I work for the band as the Community Health & Income Assistance Manager, stationed at the Health & Social Development Centre. My responsibilities are to manage and administer the programs that fall under my Responsibility, and they are as follows:

Community Health

Income Assistance Program

Charlene Dawson

I have accepted the position as Health Director for the Dzawadaenuxw First Nation, Health & Social Development Centre as of September 12, 2011. I do have experience in working as Acting Health Director over the years that I have worked here in Kingcome. I have taken the course through UBC, the Aboriginal Health Administration Course.

I have worked in the area of Health & Social Services for over thirty years now. I began my work here in Kingcome as Community Health Representative and Band Social Worker in 1980, and over the years have done Alcohol and Drug Work, Department Head for Health Department. I feel I have the experience to move forward with our community in the area of Health and Social Development. I look forward to working with the community and our outside organizations.

On a personal note, my parents are Thomas Dawson and Amy (Willie). My grandparents were Tom and Alice (Mountain) Dawson on my fathers side, and Charlie and Emily (Scow) Willie. I am a mother of five children and a grandmother. I grew up here, moved out for about ten years, and then came back in 1979. Over the years I have taken many different types of courses/programs/counseling to enhance myself personally and professionally. This is my home, and I am honored to have deep roots here, and to have the opportunity to work here.

Health & Social Development Director

Job description:

The role is responsible for the overall management of the Health Center in all aspects, with the goal of supporting community Health and Wellness through Health Care Programs and Services.

Core Responsibilities: