Lilawagila School

They're Here!!

On Wednesday January 28th we received our 2015 batch of 100 Coho Salmon eggs from the Quatse Salmon Center.

We will be watching and caring for them as they develop from eyed eggs, to alevin to fry and eventually released into the Kingcome River.

Stop by and pay them a visit and stay tuned for the Salmon release which should occur in early April after returning from Spring Break.



  • Administrator

    Emily Willie

  • Receptionist / Secretary

    Lulu Webber

  • Teachers

    Winnie Tsai

    Paul Gagne

  • Little Wolf Pre-School

    Deata Dawson

  • Little Wolf Assistant

    Ashton Souch

  • Culture Co-Ordinator

    Helen Willie

  • Operations & Maintenance

    Kenneth Puglas

  • Teacher Aides

    Lindsey Willie

    Zachary Taylor

  • Custodian

    Damian Willie

Thank you!!

We would like to send a great big thank you out to Emily Baker.
Emily made a donation to the Lilawagila School of $360.00 for Art Supplies and Snacks.